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Dear unknown visitor

I try to present the main points of my homepage in English (which is not my native language - I hope it works).
I suppose that the contents of this site are mostly relevant to people living in the area of Berlin (Germany). If you are still interested, please read on.

My name is Matthias Loose, I´m 69 years old and I work as a bass guitar teacher at Musikschule City West and as a musician and composer (playing bass guitar and tenor sax / flute with several music groups here in Berlin).
In another area of this website you can read more about these groups. A list of upcoming concerts is also available.

By the way... if you like to listen to my music, you are very welcome.

Best regards,

To the users of 'older' Yamaha mLAN hardware

If you are as bored as me by the everlasting driver problems, then perhaps you would like to read a text I wrote after finding a solution (for installation of the 01x desk under Windows 7, 32 bit version). Most of it is in German, but I supplied a short English version at the end. See the PDF. In January 2020 this was even successful under Windows 10 (32 bit), so why not give it a try?